• complex elegant nuances
  • powerful cocktails of memories and emotion
  • sensual fragrances for body and mind

Herds of elephant used to roam the fertile valley of Franschhoek, previously known as Olifantshoek. Elephant’s remarkable memories recollect with the help of scents: they have the largest number of genes dedicated to smell of any other mammal. Fragrances are indeed keys to recall emotions and are evocative reminders of life’s joys, past and present.


Romantic rose geranium, ylang ylang and jasmine will calm and relax.


A cool uncomplicated, fresh and sparkling splash reminiscent of mountain mist.


Zesty and exciting this unique citrusy blend has white floral undertones.


Warmly aromatic, this spicy woodland fragrance is intriguingly complex yet soothing.


Natural herbaceous lavender; soothing earthiness with floral scent for sweet dreams.


In our formulations we have carefully selected ingredients that are only of the highest grade and with a preference for those that are organically certified. These have been combined with the healing and therapeutic qualities of pure essential oils that have been sourced locally whenever possible. All our products are free of harmful synthetic fragrances or colours, parabens, mineral oil and animal testing. We hope that a gift from Franscent will always remind you of our village.